Need to make a barking dog complaint?

PHS understands excessively barking dogs can have a negative effect on the quality of life in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to complaints of excessive animal noise.

Step 1: Report excessive barking to PHS field services. We will contact the dog’s owner or guardian and provide them with advice on how to manage an excessively barking dog. Most complaints are successfully handled by education and communication with the dog’s owner.

Step 2: If the issue is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, you may begin the formal legal process of having the dog declared a “public nuisance.” Contact PHS for the necessary forms.

Step 3: You must prove the noise created by the pet is excessive by starting a petition signed by you and at least two other neighbors. All signatories must complete a 7-day log documenting each date and time the dog creates excessive noise.

Step 4: Return the completed petition and barking logs to PHS, and we will schedule a hearing. Anyone who signed the petition must be willing and able to attend a hearing and testify in court.

Please call our barking dog line at 626.792.7151 ext. 217 with any questions or to file a report.

Need help with your barking dog?

Barking is a way that dogs communicate with each other and with humans. But, excessively barking dogs can become a problem for neighbors.

To curb a dog’s barking, you must first identify the cause. Here are some common reasons dogs bark and some recommendations for quieting an excessive barker.

  • Protect Territory: Manage the barking by restricting your dog’s view. Block access to windows, doors or fences where the dogs can see other dogs, passerby, or whatever is causing them to bark.
  • Boredom: Provide a more stimulating environment. Take your dog on regular walks. Use interactive or puzzle toys.
  • Frustration: Dogs are social animals and may bark if isolated or left along for long periods of time. Limit the amount of time your dog is left alone.
  • Find more tips here or contact the PHS Behavior Department at 626.792.7151 ext. 155 or email for more tips on quieting a barking dog.