Got Rats? Employ a Cat!

The PHS Employ a Cat program allows cats that would not flourish in a home environment to thrive as indoor/outdoor cats providing pest control in your garage, barn, stable, warehouse, or other safe location. Your feline employee will keep rodents in check, eliminating the need for chemicals that are toxic to the environment and dangerous to pets, wildlife and children. They may or may not allow human contact.

Do Cat Employees require regular care?

Your feline employee can live mainly outdoors; however, they need a barn, stable or other outbuilding to sleep in and to allow them to escape from predators. You must provide food and fresh water daily, as they cannot survive on eating rodents alone. You will also be responsible for any future veterinary care.

What is included in An Employ a Cat adoption?

Cats participating in the Employ a Cat Program are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and ear-tipped (under anesthesia our veterinarian will notch an ear tip, the widely recognized sign that a feral cat is altered) at no fee to qualified adopters. We place a minimum of two cats at each location as feral cats are social with one another and this increases the likelihood they will stay in the area where they are relocated.

Are there any special instructions?

The 3-4 week transition period for a working cat is very important and adopters must be willing to follow the instructions to ensure the best chance of the cats living a healthy and successful life as an outdoor cat. You can read our PHS Employ a Cat Instructions here. Cat employees do require continued basic care, feeding, flea control and veterinary checkups.

What’s Next

Are you ready to take a couple of new feline employees? Please fill out this survey and we will respond within the next 72 hours to schedule an appointment to pick up your new employee. We are happy to loan you crates and carriers you may need for the transitional period but we recommend you gather some supplies. We recommend leather gardening gloves, cat food (wet and dry), clumping litter, a litterbox scooper, two litterboxes, two sets of bowls for food and water. Thank you for your interest in the Employ-a-cat program!

By undertaking this commitment you are saving the life of a cat that cannot be adopted to live in a regular home. Your adoption also alleviates pressure on crowded animal shelters.

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