Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Carol Kirby, Chairman of the Board
Beverly Marksbury, Vice Chairman
Pete Siberell, Vice Chairman
Nancy Plamann, Secretary
Eric Heer, Treasurer


Steve Johnson
Gerald Knapton
Anne Wheaton
Jennifer Thornton Wieland

Director Emeritus

Weta Mathies
Robert Fidler


President/CEO, Julie Bank
Sr. Vice President, Elizabeth Campo
Vice President of Communications, Ricky Whitman
Vice President of Development, Kristina Lamas
Controller, Ruthie Hughes

Shelter Veterinarian, Susy Horowitz, DVM
SNiP Veterinarian, Jennifer Boyle, DVM
SNiP Veterinarian, Annie Li, DVM

Adoptions Supervisor, Kevin McManus

Behavior Supervisor, Caitlin Wolfe

Field Services, Lt. Nemesio Arteaga

Front Office Manager, Nancy Gray

Human Resources Manager, Sandra Vargas

Humane Education Manager, Adrian Griffin

Health Staff Supervisor, Laurel Birmingham

Kennel Manager, Richard Farias

Mobile Outreach, Marlin Miller

PR/Marketing Associate, Jamie Holeman

Store/Boarding Manager, Jessica Cliver

Volunteer Services Manager, Sara Muriello

Webmaster/MIS, Jonathan Budisantoso