Backyard Safety Tips

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Is your dog an escape artist? Large dogs may be able to scale a six-foot cinderblock wall, while smaller breeds easily squeeze between gaps in the fence.

Here are five tips to keep your dog safe in your yard.

  1. Your dog may be bored if he’s spending all day alone in the yard. If you are going to be gone all day, make sure your dog gets an adequate amount of exercise before you leave. Take your pup on a long walk or engage them in a tiring game of fetch.
  2. Secure your fence and gates. Walk around the perimeter of your yard looking for any weak spots in your fencing. Instruct your gardener or other people entering the home to always close gates.
  3. Always supervise your dog in the yard. Your dog is much less likely to escape if you are present and interacting with him or her.
  4. Teach your dog basic commands like “stay” and “come” to help recall them before they make their great escape.
  5. Unaltered dogs are more likely to escape from your yard and roam in search of a mate. Unaltered male dogs track the scent of a female dog in heat and can injure themselves trying to break out of or into a fenced yard.
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