Week or December 23-27

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

‘Twas the weekend after Christmas and all through PHS,
Not a creature was stirring, except mostly the pets.
No Mobile was scheduled, but I still had this blog
I needed to write about this or that dog.
The leashes were hung in the office with care,
in the hopes that volunteers soon would be there.
The dogs were all nestled in their kennels and beds
while visions of new homes danced in their heads.
The staff was still working, while me in my cap,
I had decided this weekend only to nap.
When out in my living room there arose such a clatter,
and waking I saw, my dogs running with a patter.
This week…”Live on Green” at the Civic Center
for three weekdays in Pasadena we’ll enter.
December 29 and 30 from 9 until 8
and 9 to 4 on New Year’s Eve is each date.
And to our wondering eyes the Mobile Unit will be there
with myself, volunteers and 8 tiny (or big) dogs to share.
We’ll be south of the corner of Euclid and Green
where we all will be waiting, just to be seen.
So come by, stop in, and play with a dog
with their energy driving them up to a jog.
The jolly old driver will call them by name,
“Now Fido, Now Spot . . . you big Great Dane!”
“Now Rover and Rex, on Skipper and Shep,”
all excited and happy and filled with pep.
You’ll laugh when you see them in spite of yourself.
They will lick you and cuddle, and jump like an elf.
We’ll showcase our dogs all with a twinkle
(And hopefully, this week, no rain will sprinkle).
Have fun, stop by, and see our dogs all around.
And then, On The Road, we soon will be found!
. . . With profound apologies to Clement Moore!