Week or December 16-20

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

Well, this has been an unprecedented week for the Mobile Unit.  I ended up cancelling both events this weekend for Saturday, Dec. 19 and Sunday Dec. 20.  We were scheduled to go to Petco on Arroyo and Petco in San Gabriel.  The reason for cancelling?  No dogs!  I’ve never had to cancel a weekend before!   Let me back up a bit…

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, KTLA sponsored a donation drive here at PHS, called “Take 5 to Care,” and all pets were available for adoption for $5 each!  So many dogs were adopted that I was unable to find enough appropriate dogs to take out for Mobile events.   As you might remember from an earlier blog, dogs that go out on Mobile have to meet certain criteria.  Some of those criteria are that they are good with the public, generally good with other dogs, released by Health Staff, Behavior Staff, Adoption Dept., and have passed all my testing for going out. Some dogs simply weren’t available yet. So, on Friday, Dec. 18, I could find only one dog . . . “Jedi.”  He is a sweet white and brindle Pit Bull and he has been overlooked by all the adopters and I’m not sure of the reasons why.  Some dogs just get overlooked.  But, I couldn’t take just one dog out on Mobile . . . so I canceled both events.

As for our past week’s Mobile dogs, all of them were adopted!  “Scotty,” “Coco,” “Luke,” and the sisters, “Baby” and “Susie Stubs.”  Also, in last week’s blog I wrote about Pit Bull “Obi” but I had written the wrong name . . . it was supposed to be “Nomi”!  “Obi” was a Pit that I was interested in taking on Mobile but he was too skittish around kids and noise, so I had Volunteer Andres take “Nomi” instead.  And I just got the names mixed up when I sat down to write the blog.  Let’s face it, there are just too many Star Wars characters and I just can’t keep all those names straight!  Anyway, “Nomi” was adopted, but then again, so was “Obi”!  Then, on the following day, the sisters “Baby” and “Susie” were returned and it had something to do with someone’s mother not wanting two dogs in the house. (Those two dogs were so small and mellow that they hardly made for ONE dog!)  But, someone else showed up thereafter and “Baby” and “Susie” were re-adopted . . . and hopefully this adoption will stick!

You may also remember mellow senior dog Beagle/Chihuahua mix “Buddy” that we had out multiple times back in October and how he had been finally adopted.  “Buddy” was returned on Friday having something to do with the owner needing to move.  But, he was put on an Adoption Hold for this coming Tuesday, and we are keeping our paws crossed that he has a new home for Christmas.  Also, you might remember last weekend that a couple and another lady were both wanting to adopt brown and white Pit Bull “Luke.”  And I wrote about how the lady was second in line, got very unhappy with me because she thought she should have been first, and tossed away her application.  The first couple decided later to NOT adopt “Luke.” If the lady had been patient and submitted her application, we could have made it work.  Instead, he was adopted by a third family!  Still, it’s a happy ending!  But this all certainly makes my life full of adventure!!

So, I ended up taking Sunday, Dec. 20 off from work, but I still came in on Saturday, Dec. 19.  I was holding a new Mobile Outreach Training Class.  About ten new volunteers showed up and several regular Mobile volunteers came for a refresher course…and they came of their own volition…I didn’t force them to! That’s dedication…or maybe they were just bored and had nothing else to do. The class ran for an hour and a half and ended with a tour of the Mobile Unit.  So far, eight of the ten new volunteers signed up to go out on a Mobile event.  And I welcome more participants in a wonderful community outreach program!

Due to the Holidays, I have no events scheduled for Dec. 26 and 27.  Instead, we will be appearing at the Tournament of Roses “Live on Green” at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Dec. 29, 30, and 31.  We will be at Green St. and S. Euclid, just off of Euclid next to the skating rink.  While volunteers and staff will be there all day, dogs (I hope) will be there from 11:00-4:00.  We will also have educational presentations and agility course demonstrations.  With dogs (or cats), we will be there and will be seeing you “On The Road”!