Week of September 9-13, 2015

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

Wow!  Can the weather get any hotter?  The dogs here at the shelter all have water misters that keep them cool; but in my office, the air conditioner can barely keep up!  Every so often, I’d leave the office and go sit with a dog in the kennels just to cool down!  So, for Saturday, Sept. 12, we were all happy to have an evening event!  We were at the Arboretum for the last Pasadena Pops concert of the season.  Volunteer Kelly was out with puppy Chihuahua mix “Ollie,” and Volunteer Rena had “Ollie’s” kennel-mate, another puppy that might be a miniature Poodle, or a Westie mix, or a Lhasa Apso named “Prince.”  (Although, I did overhear someone saying the name was supposed to be “Prints.”  Get it?  Like in paw prints??)  These two pups played the whole evening with Kelly and Rena panting along behind!  Volunteer Mike had big dog “BlackJack” that’s been out before.  Volunteer Eddie had mellow Chihuahua “Charlie” who also has been on Mobile before.  Volunteer Linda had “Stretch,” a Dachshund-looking Chihuahua mix who was only a year old and got to running about with the two pups a couple of times.  And Volunteer Mary Ann had “Stevie,” a senior white Maltese who didn’t see or hear well . . . but also wanted to play with the pups!  “Stevie” was a bit cautious on leash when walking with Mary Ann, but as soon as another dog joined the walk, he became more comfortable since he was able to walk better with a dog to guide him.  He loved kids and would nudge their hand for petting!  As for “BlackJack,” I think he really wanted to join in with all the small dog play, but we had to keep a distance . . . I didn’t want the puppies pounced or stepped on!  A lot of people were at the concert and we had crowds in our area throughout our stay.  One elderly gentleman took a liking to “Charlie,” and wanted to adopt him under our “Seniors for Seniors” program in which all adoption fees are waived except for the $20 microchip fee.  So, I placed an adoption hold on “Charlie” (but the gentleman never showed up the next day to complete the adoption).  Anyway, around 7 pm, we headed back to PHS.  I did as little work in the office as I could, since I was tired and hot.  Then, I headed home, but again, stopped at El Sol for an ice-cold margarita and some good food before going home and jumping in the pool!

On Sunday, we were hoping for cooler temperatures, but the humidity kept that hope at bay.  Still, on this day, Sept. 13, we head over to PetSmart at Hastings Ranch. It was hot with very little breeziness to give us relief.  So, we stayed in the shade and spent time in the cool store, but made it a short day in the end.  Volunteer Vicki had “Stretch,” Volunteer Cheryl had “Ollie,” Volunteer Betsy had “Prints,” Volunteer Mary Ann had “Stevie,” and Volunteer Greg had “BlackJack.”  Joining us for the first time out was “Toby,” a big dog mixture of who-knows-what but resembles a Chow-Shepherd mix and is listed as a Lab mix (What?). Volunteer Bill had gentle “Toby” who wanted to collect all of our toys for himself (that is, “Toby” did, Bill didn’t care about collecting toys).  All of our dogs got along today because that was the only way everyone could fit into the shade!  After a couple of walks, most of the dogs were lying down on the cool shaded cement just to relax.  A little boy took a liking to “Toby” and spent some time petting him.  Before anyone could stop him, the kid at one point peeled back “Toby’s” eyelid and “Toby” didn’t even react to it!  That’s one laid-back dog.  Of course, the fact that a little girl had been brushing “Toby” for the past half-hour may have had something to do with that mellow feeling!  “Ollie” and “Prints” played together, but even “Ollie” wore down in the afternoon!  “BlackJack” wanted to play with any dog and learned a new trick to get over to them:  He would roll to them!  In this way, he would wrap the leash around himself and pull Greg right out of his chair in the process!  He is one clever big dog!  We had interested people picking up information and taking some of the dogs’ ID numbers with them to “think about” and hopefully someone comes through.  We left PetSmart early since it was just too hot and headed back to PHS.  I now sit here at my desk typing furiously away since I want to get out of here and once again, jump in the pool!

Coming up this week:  On Wednesday, September 16th, weather permitting, I will be driving our Behavior Department and their volunteers with shelter dogs deeper into Pasadena and drop them off for a walk over to Euro Pane Bakery for some socializing skills and treats!  Thursday, September 17, a couple of volunteers will be heading over to Kaiser Permanente for their Staff Emergency Preparedness Fair.  Then, on Saturday, September 19, we will be at the Washington Square Neighborhood Block Party held on Washington Ave between Lake and El Molino from 4:00-7:00.  On Sunday, September 20, we will be at the South Pasadena Police and Fire Open House from 10:00-3:00 behind the Police Station located at 1422 Mission St. in South Pasadena.  Until then, Stay Cool and I’ll see you “On The Road.”