Week of September 23-27, 2015

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

It’s been a hectic weekend!  On Friday, Sept. 25, we were at the San Gabriel Petco for their adoption weekend.  The weather was mercifully tolerable, but just to cover things, I worked out a plan to keep the Mobile Unit cool; while the door was open, I installed a clear plastic sheet over the doorway.  It worked great!  All of our dogs were repeats from last weekend:  “Charlie” out with Volunteer Vicki, “Black Jack” out with Volunteer Pamala, “Bonnie,” out with Volunteer Eva, “Ollie” out with Volunteer Kelly, and “Stretch” out with Volunteer Carol.  It was a rather calm day but we still had a good bunch of people stopping at our location throughout the day.  “Ollie,” “Stretch,” and “Bonnie” all did some playing together while “Charlie” mostly slept.  “Black Jack” got a bit too hyper, so I took him inside to the cool Mobile Unit where he immediately stretched out on the floor and went to sleep.  We began to loose our shade around 2:00, but that was our exit time anyway, so we headed back to PHS.

On Saturday, Sept. 26, it was the second day of San Gabriel Petco adoption Weekend and we pulled once again into our regular space in the shade.  Today we had Volunteer Betsy with “Minnie” a Miniature Pinscher, Volunteer Vicki with “Ewok” a Toy Silky Terrier mix , Volunteer Puja with “Jackson” a Pug mix , Volunteer Jennifer with “Stretch,” and Volunteer Deb with “Scruffy” who was a Miniature Schnauzer mix.  We were still on our way over to Petco when I got a phone call from the shelter.  Nancy, the Office Manager, explained to me that a family showed up claiming to be “Scruffy’s” owners and had only last night found his picture on our website.  After we arrived at Petco, the family got there minutes after us, and sure enough, it was a family reunion!  “Scruffy” barely had any time and he was off to his rightful home!  It was a very happy reunion!  It was a much busier day than it had been on Friday and several times throughout the day we had crowds in our area.  But it also seemed to be a warmer day than before and we decided to pull out a bit early.  I also wanted to leave a little early since another Dog Rescue set up nearby was losing their shade and with our leaving, they could take over our shaded spot.  Hey, that’s me . . . always giving!

Sunday, Sept. 27 dawned with an alarm at 4:30 in the morning.  There was no dawn . . . it was still dark!  I dragged myself out of bed . . . it was the big day, our annual “Wiggle Waggle Walk and Pet Expo” at Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl.  I met up at PHS with a team of groggy volunteers and we loaded in our shelter dogs.  Volunteer Bill had “Toby” the Shepherd mix, Volunteer Cheryl had “Lucy” a white and tan Poodle, Volunteer Kelly had “Ollie,” Volunteer Judy had “Stretch,” Volunteer Sierra had “Chloe” a playful white Pit Bull, Volunteer Nancy had “Jackson,” and Volunteer Mary Ann had “Ewok.”  Excitement was in the air . . . and to me it was yet another event in a long series of events!  Back-up Volunteers for the day were Betsy, Laurie, Ron and Louise.  I had all my bases covered and everything well organized.  And then it all crumbled!  “Toby” and “Chloe” didn’t like the smaller dogs and wouldn’t stop barking at them or jumping at them.  We couldn’t take either of the dogs and I had to send them back to their kennels.  I still had four back-up dogs, so I had Sierra take “The Rock” a gentle giant of a Pit Bull and Bill to take super mellow “Charlie” that we had out yesterday.  Sierra returned from the kennels without “The Rock.”  He wasn’t there!  I did a quick search and found out that his owner had finally tracked him down yesterday to PHS and was able to take him back home!  So, I had Sierra pick up “Buddy,” a senior Chihuahua we’ve had out a couple of times before.  Then Cheryl returned to the Mobile Unit and said that she could not get “Lucy” into the leash and that she was growling at Cheryl.  So, knowing that “Lucy” was easy to leash and a fun, playful dog, I went back to her kennel with Cheryl.  “Lucy” was just wonderful for me but would have nothing to do with Cheryl!  So, I told Cheryl that I had one back-up dog left and that was “Minnie” from yesterday.  It was all small dogs today!  We finally were ready to go but were now late to the Wiggle Waggle Walk.

I gunned the Mobile Unit out of PHS and headed over to the Wiggle Waggle Walk.  Richard, the head of our Kennel Staff, was waiting for me.  Our space was blocked and so he directed me to drive the Mobile Unit through the grass park area and enter my space from behind.  That was a snap; we parked, we set up, we were ready!  At 8:45, all of the volunteers and their dogs were to get over to the starting line of the walk itself so as to be ready by 9:00.  Everyone was in place, people lined up behind us, and soon the walk began.  I was tired, I was hot, and I barely had started the walk . . . with no dog, so I decided to return to the Mobile Unit and take care of the area. Yep, I wimped out!  Bill, Sierra, and Mary Ann all had senior dogs, and since it was so hot, they decided to cut the walk short also.  The rest of them pressed onward, but since I had wanted all the dogs back quickly, they all dropped out of the walk after a mile.  Then the crowds came into our area.  “Ewok” was the attraction of the day with three families filling out adoption applications on her and we will find out on Tuesday if any one of them went through!  “Jackson” also attracted a lot of attention and had two adoption applications filled out on him!  Again, we find out on Tuesday, if one of them goes through!  In the meantime, we had dozens of dogs coming through our area and our dogs all seemed to handle things very nicely, although “Minnie” kept a wary eye on all of them, ready to protect the Mobile Pack if needed!  The day got hotter, crowds thinned, and by 12:30, we were packing it up.  We returned to PHS and while backing the Mobile Unit in, I clipped the driver’s side mirror on the open gate.  Fortunately, I have lightning fast reflexes (on occasion), and stopped before doing any damage.  I looked again in the rear mirrors . . . and realized that the markers I had set in place to guide me in were all moved!  Once I put them back in place, I slipped into the parking spot like I should have!  I’m going to have to speak sternly to whoever moved them!  It had been a long day, but overall, a good day!

Other Mobile dogs to report:  “Prints,” the barky playful white Poodle we had out last week was adopted.  “Bonnie,” the sweet and lovable Boxer mix was also adopted on Saturday!

Coming up next weekend:  On Saturday, October 3, we will be at “Altadena’s Best Fest” from 9:00 until mid afternoon, even though the Fest lasts until 5:00.  We will be stationed at Spaces 39-42 on the corner of Mariposa and Catherine.  Then on Sunday, October 4, we will be at the Flea Market at Pasadena City College near the aquatic center from 8:30-2:00.  Stay’n busy, story of my life “On The Road”!