Week of September 16-20, 2015

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

It’s been another interesting week especially with some very welcome rain and lower temperatures.  Too bad those temperatures didn’t last for the weekend!  Unfortunately, my day off on Tuesday was marred by the fact that my wife and I had to take “Guinevere,” our 18 year old black cat to our veterinarian to have her cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  This loss coming only a couple of months after we lost “Dudley,” one of our dogs, was difficult to bear.  But we know they are both together running through grassy meadows.  And then, it was back to work for me.   On Wednesday, Sept 16, I drove a few of the Behavior staff, one of their volunteers and three shelter dogs over into the heart of Pasadena and dropped them off for a walk to Euro Pane Bakery.  I stayed with the Mobile Unit because I needed some time to work inside it clearing out “important stuff” that we’ve collected over the past few months and stashing it all in the round file.  Around the time I was finishing up, the walkers returned with some very happy dogs.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, Volunteers Szashe and Lisa headed over to Kaiser Permanente’s Employee Emergency Preparedness Fair while I headed over to Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl for a staff meeting to walk through our upcoming Wiggle Waggle Walk on Sept. 27. Lisa and Szashe were meeting with dozens and dozens of employees, giving out doggie advice and plenty of flyers.  They even ran out of a couple of flyers and Kaiser was gracious enough to allow them to run a few more off.  Lisa and Szashe both reported back that everyone there was so friendly, positive, and welcoming.  It was a very worthwhile event!

Friday, Sept. 18, I didn’t have anything scheduled, but spent most of the day assessing dogs for the weekend.  I’d spend time in their kennels, take them for a walk, play with them . . . I mean, really . . . what a tough job I have!!  Getting dogs lined up for the weekend wasn’t too hard since a few of them, “Ollie,” “Charlie,” “Stretch,” “Prints,” “BlackJack,” and “Toby” are still at PHS and still looking for their new homes.  I was pleased to discover that “Stevie,” the partially blind and all elderly but active Maltese, was adopted this week!  Also, “Mona,” the brindle Pit Bull mystery mix, was adopted as well!

Saturday, Sept. 19 dawned much warmer than I had hoped, but our event at Washington Square Historic Neighborhood Block Party was later in the afternoon and under some wonderful shade trees.  Volunteer Diane had “Stretch,” the Dachshund mix;  Volunteer Kelly had “Ollie,” the puppy Chihuahua mix, Volunteer Mary Ann had “Charlie” the senior Chihuahua mix, and then we had a couple of new dogs joining us.  “Katie,” a senior Boxer that was super sweet, was out with Volunteer Sierra.  “Bonnie,” a Boxer/Pit Bull mix was out with Volunteer Eva who was freshly back from spending a month in Sweden  (Eva was, not “Bonnie.”  Let’s face it, “Bonnie” doesn’t speak Swedish!).  We had a wonderful time at the block party and actually met several alumni dogs from PHS and their parents!  Everyone spoke so highly of their dogs and we were happy to see them in their new home.  One family stopped by and became interested in “Katie,” but their plan was to tie her up in the backyard 24-7 and we need to know that PHS dogs will have time indoors, especially at night.  So, it was a no go.  But, “Katie” was so popular that we handed out her ID number to several families.  This was a very friendly neighborhood and they had a lot of kids, all of whom were well-behaved and interacted well with our dogs.  Yes, a couple ran through our area which is not a good thing to do since dogs see kids running and their instinct is to chase after them.  But the food was free, the people were friendly, and we just had an enjoyable time.  Temperatures cooled off as the evening came on, but we pulled out a bit early since we wanted to be back at PHS before dark.

Sunday, Sept. 20 dawned even warmer than yesterday!  Arriving at PHS, I immediately turned on the air conditioners inside the Mobile Unit to cool it down before anyone arrived.  Later, we headed over to the South Pasadena Classic Car Show and Police/Fire Open House.”  It seemed that they forgot we were coming and vehicles were parked in our area, none of them classic.  After several minutes, we got all but one cleared out and with the one pickup still somewhat blocking us, I pulled up on its bumper and we set up around it.  I opened up the sliding wall of the Mobile Unit and kept the air on and as it warmed up, more of the volunteers and their dogs moved inside and we had people come into the Mobile Unit to meet them.  Volunteer Mike had “BlackJack,” the young energetic Pit Bull mix still looking for a home.  Volunteer Mary Ann had “Charlie” again, Volunteer Nancy had “Bonnie,” Volunteer Cheryl had “Ollie,” Volunteer Rita had “Stretch,” and Volunteer Bill had “Katie.”  Today, “Bonnie” and “Ollie” took a liking to each other and these two dogs, a Boxer mix and a Chihuahua mix spent time playing together inside the Mobile Unit.  “Charlie” is a senior dog, and he staked out a comfy chair and spent much of the day snoozing away, but coming alive anytime kids came into the area.  We again talked with a lot of people, and handed out a lot of information.  But very slowly the air conditioning inside the Mobile Unit began to lose ground against the heat coming through the open door and we decided to call it a day about an hour and a half early!  Only “Stretch” still had plenty of energy and showed no signs of slowing down!  The rest of the dogs were down and out!  So, we headed back to PHS early.  When we got to PHS, Mary Ann pointed out “Katie” to a couple of people looking for a Boxer and before we knew it, she was heading off to her new fur-ever home.  (If we hadn’t left the event early . . . well, it all worked out for the best!!)

Coming up this weekend:  On Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26 we will be at Petco in San Gabriel from 10:00-2:00 both days.  This is a special adoption weekend for Petco.  Their address is 7262 N. Rosemead Blvd., in San Gabriel.  Then, on Sunday, September 27, we will be at our annual Wiggle Waggle Walk and Pet Expo that benefits PHS.  It is one of our major fund raisers of the year.  It is being held at Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl and you are welcome to bring your dog! Our Mobile Unit will be there throughout the event from 8:30-1:00.  If you’d like to support my participation in the Wiggle Waggle Walk, please click on this link: https://pasadenahumane.org/site/TR/Walk/WiggleWaggle?px=1046801&pg=personal&fr_id=1170   and follow the instructions! All donations go towards helping another pet find a fur-ever home and I would certainly appreciate your support!  And don’t forget to stop by at our set-up location and say hi!  Until then, I’ll see you “On The Road.”