Week of June 1-5

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It’s been (yet another) long weekend! Friday, June 3, found us at Westridge School’s Pet Day. Volunteers and dogs were: Judy and “Itsy,” a tiny Yorkie; Bill and “Shadow,” a mellow shepherd; Carol and “Bobby Z,” the playful Lab/pit mix; Betsy and “Annie,” the tiny Jack Russell terrier with the hanging tongue (not enough teeth!); Chris and “Toby,” our Chi/mystery mix. Rena and Diana B. were floaters for the day. “Floaters” are our back-up volunteers who take our dogs when other volunteers take a break. They also assist in greeting the public and getting the correct informational flyers into their hands. It was a surprisingly mellow day.

The students at Westridge were well-behaved and even though they were handling their own pets, they were respectful of our dogs and our space. We truly appreciated that! Not only that, we got In-n-Out burgers for lunch! “Toby” was calm and soaked up all the attention he could get! “Bobby Z” enjoyed playing ball, running in the field (on leash with Carol keeping up!), and chewing on toys. “Shadow” also enjoyed belly rubs from some of the girls. “Annie” loved laps, enjoyed playing with our other small dogs, and both she and “Itsy” got plenty of attention! Plus, one of the parents zeroed in on “Itsy” and we completed the adoption the following day! It was a really good day! (And thank-you to Westridge for the In-n-Out!)

IMG_4336Saturday, June 4, we went to the Glendale Police and Fire Open House. Volunteers and dogs were: Greg and “Bobby-Z”; Mary and “Toby”; Kelly and “Sebastian”; Bill and “Shadow”; Cheryl and “Sarah,” the mellow, lap-loving pit mix. Volunteers Vicki, Liz, and Francis floated for the day. It was hot! But underneath our awnings with the black-top covered by mats, and a slight breeze blowing, we managed to stay reasonably comfortable. We limited our dogs walking on the black top as it got hotter. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws!! A gentleman, who was blind, and his guide dog entered the street. It’s always important never to interfere with a guide dog (or service dog) because those dogs are “on duty” and have a job to do. Petting their dogs without permission interferes with the dog’s job and is never appreciated by the owner! But I did notice that his dog was uncomfortable on the black-top and brought it his attention. He was grateful for the heads-up, cooled his dog’s paws with water and put booties on the paws afterwards. I, for one, was impressed how his dog stayed “on duty” even though he was uncomfortable walking on the black-top. Guide dogs are truly impressive!

Throughout the day, most all of our dogs stretched out on the mats, in the shade, and snoozed on and off . . . except for “Bobby Z” who played non-stop with tennis balls and toys. I think volunteer Greg got a bit worn out! One of the other mobile units parked next to us was a blood donation unit. A nurse walked over to our area and just fell in love with “Sebastian,” spent a bunch of time with him, sent his picture to her boyfriend, and we now have our paws crossed for a successful adoption being finalized on Tuesday. It was a good crowd! We handed out a lot of information, educated a lot of kids on how to properly approach a strange dog, and talked with a lot of supportive people! It got hotter and we decided to pull out a couple of hours early and head back to PHS! Our appreciation to the Glendale Police for also providing us with a hot dog lunch! (We always appreciate the free food!)

Sunday, June 5, was blessedly foggy and cool in the morning . . . and it remained generally cool most of the day. We were at the Flea Market at Pasadena City College. Volunteers and dogs: Eva and “Bobby Z”; Puja and “Annie”; Bill and “Shadow”; Mary Ann and “Elliot,” a barky affectionate Bichon Frise mix; Sarah and, yes, “Sarah” (I just couldn’t resist matching them both up!); Kelly and “Lucky,” our white senior wirehair fox terrier mix. We were under the trees on the cool grass and it couldn’t have been much better. Volunteer Laura from our Foster Program joined us to promote fostering, our volunteer manager Sara joined us to recruit new volunteers, volunteer Cheryl joined us to photograph a couple of our dogs, volunteers Tyra and Morgan stopped in just to hang out with our dogs, and volunteer Judy just stopped in with “Bug” to say hi! Volunteers Ron and Louise floated for the day. It was just one big happy family enjoying the day!

IMG_4336The adopter of “Happy Jack” from about a year ago (white pit bull) stopped by to show us “Happy’s” picture where he was lounging in front of the pool. “Sarah” and “Bobby Z” played with each other during the day and took breaks where “Bobby Z” would go for the toys and “Sarah” would climb either into my lap or volunteer Sarah’s lap! “Elliot” learned that to get treats and loving attention, he had to end his barkiness! (We were all happy for that!) Yes, you can train a dog to stop barking! We learned that “Annie” will sit up and beg, but it wasn’t always for treats – it was also to get picked up and held! “Lucky” tends to bark inside his kennel, but here he was quiet, played with toys, and snoozed in the grass . . . he just needs to be adopted and be out of that kennel! But, no adoptions today, and after a long day, we packed it up to head back to PHS.

Other Mobile Dogs to mention . . . well, actually, just one: “Clifford,” our little red dog from last week at the elementary school, was adopted!

Coming up this weekend: On Saturday, June 11, we will be at the Garfield Heights Block Party from noon until about 3:00 on Claremont St. between Garfield and Marengo in Pasadena. On Sunday, June 12, we will be at the San Marino Motor Classic at Lacy Park located at 1485 Virginia Rd, in San Marino. A portion of the proceeds from this event go to PHS. We will be inside Lacy Park from about 8:30 to around 4:00. Make sure to stop in and see some of these fantastic cars that are still “On The Road”!

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After my first entry, people have been asking, "Who's Marlin?" Briefly, I am the Mobile Outreach Coordinator for PHS. I drive the 33-foot long Mobile Unit and squeeze it into impossible spaces at a variety of community events. Inside, we have kennels for adoptable dogs and seats for enthusiastic mobile volunteers. We happily motor off to events every Saturday and Sunday and a day or two during the week as well. At these events, we display around 40 informational sheets or flyers and showcase our adoptable dogs while representing PHS. We are in such demand that our event calendar is booked several months in advance!