Week of July 24-28

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July31EWhat a week I’ve had! Besides pressing office issues keeping me glued to my desk, Friday saw me and our VP of Community Relations heading out to Perris to check in on the work being done on our brand new Mobile Unit! We took pictures, made choices on “furniture” placement inside, and generally oohed and aahed over the entire project. We thank American Specialty Vehicles for also providing lunch for us while we were there! Getting back late in the afternoon had me scrambling to finish preparations for three separate events for Saturday!

Saturday, July 30, I met with volunteer Lucy and loaded her car with booth supplies for the Annual Assemblyman Chris Holden’s Block Party in Pasadena. There, Lucy met up with Volunteer Jan and they got our booth set up. About an hour later, volunteers Liz and Francis showed up. Liz brought her seeing eye dog and Francis brought his Canine Good Citizen certified dog to represent PHS for the afternoon. A lot of people were at the event despite of increasing temperatures and Liz, Francis and Jan passed out a lot of flyers. But as the afternoon got a bit too warm, they packed it up early and headed home!

As for me, I met up with volunteer floater Vicki along with volunteer Cheryl who was taking out “Cherry.” This dog has a small cherry eye which is nothing more than the dog’s third eyelid growing a little bit too much. “Cherry” was a super playful and spunky Chihuahua/mystery mix. Also, volunteer Jennifer took “Pepper,” our senior salt/pepper Lhasa Apso. “Pepper” was a bit worn out from playing in his kennel with a shelter volunteer and when we got to the event, and he slept through most of it. We all headed over to the Indigo Alliance Pet Psychic Fair. We parked at the curb between two food trucks . . . which kept our mouths watering much of the afternoon! As I said, “Pepper” slept most of the time. But “Cherry” entertained everyone with her playful antics. There were a lot of people there for the people psychics and a few people for Karen, the Pet Psychic.

At one point, Karen came out and asked Jennifer if she owned a golden retriever. Jennifer did not. Karen said that she seemed to feel something about a golden retriever. Within minutes, a visitor showed up with a golden retriever (please cue the spooky music) and wanted Karen to do a session with her. Later, one of my daughters showed up who had recently had to put down her 15 year old cat, “Mabel.” She had since adopted a new cat “Daphne.” But my daughter was interested in a session with Karen since she felt badly about having to put down “Mabel.” Karen first asked if my daughter had any animal previously that seemed to her to be a small black terrier-like dog. Ummm, yes, we had that dog “Annie” about 25 years ago when my daughters were still kids! According to Karen, “Annie” was there and was happy. That paved the way for “Mabel” who was also happy and was still at home with my daughter in spirit, showing “Daphne” the ropes. Giving some more spot-on information blew our minds! My wife suggested that I meet with Karen to see just how many pets from my past might show up! I don’t know . . . I’d hate to overwhelm Karen!!

July31ABut, I still had yet another event for the day, so we had to pull out early. Returning back to PHS, I met up with the next crew getting ready to head over to the Arboretum for the pre-concert activities of Pasadena POPS. Volunteers and dogs were: Eva and “Lily,” a sweet Pit Bull; Allison and “Prince,” a friendly Chihuahua/min pin mix; Mike and “Marty,” a Rottweiler/Corgi mix; Judy and “Louis,” our resident senior min pin; and Chris with “Minnie,” a super-energetic red min pin. All the dogs seemed to get along with each other well, but as soon as “Marty” saw a peacock, he was on maximum alert and couldn’t be bothered by anyone else! It just seemed that a secret message went out to all the peacocks that said, “Hey, we’ve got a live one here!” Suddenly we were surrounded by peacocks with “Marty” going apoplectic while poor Mike was trying to calm him. So, I quickly shooed away all the peacocks and “Marty” was able to relax, roll in the grass, and get his belly rubbed by visitors! So, this tells us no family peacocks in the home for future adopters!

“Lily” soaked up all the attention she could get! “Louis” and “Minnie” kept up their quest for treats from everyone and “Prince” bounced about attracting a lot of attention. However, “Prince” soon got a little tired from too much attention and pulled Allison over to me. He hopped into my lap, curled up and went to sleep leaving Allison wondering what she did to get such a snub from “Prince”! 7:00 rolled around and we needed to pull out before the concert began.

Sunday, July 31, I was up early to get to PHS for final preparations before heading over to PetSmart in Monrovia. “Marty” was on adoption hold (!) so I couldn’t take him, and I was afraid “Pepper” might still be tired out, so I decided on this line-up for the day: Bill and “Prince”; Cindy and “Cherry”; Mary Ann and “Minnie”; “Betsy” and “Sandy,” the shy black/white Chihuahua mix; Tyra and “Zeus,” a huge Mastiff; and Morgan with “Sadie,” a lovable pit bull/mystery mix. Having talked with PetSmart management and checking with the Monrovia Fire Department, we were able to park directly in front of the store where we got plenty of shade and a good breeze all day long. I walked over to the newly-opened Orchard Supply Hardware store and asked if we could place our sign in front. Management said yes as long as I sent some dogs over to visit. So I immediately sent over “Sadie” and “Zeus” (oh and Tyra and Morgan) to walk these large dogs in. Management even brought some doggie treats over to our area to share with our dogs (of course, who else would they share them with?).

July31Tyra took “Zeus” inside PetSmart and found that he weighed in at 115 pounds, almost as much as Tyra weighed. And wouldn’t you know it, “Zeus” is a lap dog! I suspect Tyra had trouble breathing when he crawled into her lap! But he was a sweet and lovable dog who loved to hang around “Sadie” and was calm with our small dogs being nearby. “Sadie,” of course, loved to hang out with “Zeus” but also loved to play with toys. As for our small dogs, “Prince” loved to repose on his pillow while Bill (who really is a big-dog guy) looked longingly over at the two big dogs. He did find time to exchange dogs with both Tyra and Morgan during the day, so he got in his big-dog fix!

“Cherry” kept Cindy busy with her running about and playing with things. “Minnie” kept plopping herself down in a proper “sit” position for treat rewards and “Sandy” was just calmly stretched out on a chair and went to sleep. Occasionally, she would roll on her back if a visitor showed up to rub her belly, but she rarely opened her eyes! Volunteer Therese showed up with her dog “Sherpa” that she had adopted from us while out on Mobile a few years earlier, and she was generous enough to provide all of us with cool drinks! (I only provide cold water for the volunteers and these were some fancier lemonade type beverage!). It was a good day out, but 2:30 rolled around without any adoptions, but plenty of visitors. And we headed back to home base.

Arriving back at PHS, we unloaded, got everything in order and I locked up the Mobile Unit and the lock jammed. Windows and doors are locked with no way in . . . and worst of all, my coffee mug is stuck inside! A project for a locksmith, but working on the lock put me behind schedule and I had to get out a volunteer newsletter, plus this blog, plus a lot of paperwork on dogs we had out this weekend. Perhaps I’ll get home before Monday morning!

And yes, “Marty” was adopted!! And on top of that, “Augustine,” our big playful Catahoula mix we’ve had out many times before, has also been finally adopted!! “Julio,” the sweet Chihuahua mix that could sit-up-and-beg, was also adopted! Another good week for our Mobile dogs!

Coming Up: Friday, August 5, we will be at the Arboretum for the Summer Night Concert series beginning at 5:00 p.m. and ending around 8:00 p.m. The following day, Saturday, August 6, we will be at Centinela Feed and Pet Supply from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. located at 3120 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. And then on Sunday, August 7, we will be at Pasadena City College for the Flea Market from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Once again, I’m “On The Road” quite a bit!

About Marlin Miller

After my first entry, people have been asking, "Who's Marlin?" Briefly, I am the Mobile Outreach Coordinator for PHS. I drive the 33-foot long Mobile Unit and squeeze it into impossible spaces at a variety of community events. Inside, we have kennels for adoptable dogs and seats for enthusiastic mobile volunteers. We happily motor off to events every Saturday and Sunday and a day or two during the week as well. At these events, we display around 40 informational sheets or flyers and showcase our adoptable dogs while representing PHS. We are in such demand that our event calendar is booked several months in advance!