Week of January 20-24

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

Well, another interesting weekend has come and gone!  And for me, my “weekend” is just starting! (Insert a “whoo-hoo” right here!)  But, to recap our weekend, the opposite happened between both days than I originally thought!  I thought that Saturday’s PetSmart would be busy and Sunday’s Petco wouldn’t.  It was the other way around!  We pulled in to PetSmart on Saturday with Volunteers Bill, Betsy, Judy, Kelly, and Cheryl with dogs (Candy” the Dogue de Bordeaux mix, “Buddy” the senior Pug/Beagle/Chihuahua/mystery mix, “J.J.” the playful Shih Tzu, “Odie” the sweet Chihuahua mix, and “Jedi” the American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix,  in that order.  As always, PetSmart forgot we were coming and we waited until they moved the trash bins and swept the area for us and we got set up in rather cool weather.  Our dogs were all very mellow…well, yes, they were excited at first and everyone had to go off for a walk…volunteers included.  And then we sat there for most of the day with a trickle of people coming through watching dogs sleep.  I walked into…no, I mean “through” the doors of the “second-most-busy-PetSmart-in-the-U.S.” and saw that they weren’t very busy either.  Well, let me clarify…they were busy, but nowhere near what they usually were.  “Jedi” had to be either in Cheryl’s lap or my lap throughout much of the day and it was cold enough that the extra body heat was appreciated!  “Odie” spent much of the day on walks and lap snoozes.  “J.J.” usually playful, mostly snoozed.  And “Buddy” was just “Buddy” all day long…cute and lovable with people, but every dog stay out of my face!  And “Candy”?  She spent most of the day on her back demanding belly rubs.  If you didn’t, she would jump up and lick your face a couple of times, and then roll over on her back for her reward.  I did get one phone call from PHS saying that “JJ” was being put on Medical Treatment Hold due to concerns about a fatty mass and eyesight issues.  Oh, okay.  Maybe he wasn’t feeling well today.  As the time dragged and dragged and dragged, 2:30 finally came and we headed back to PHS.  Upon arriving at PHS, both “Jedi” and “Candy” met with prospective adopters, but alas, no adoptions.  Heading home, I picked up my wife and we headed over to El Sol.  Line out the door.  Next Best?  Guiseppe’s about three blocks away.  Best.  Italian.  Food. Try their meat Lasagna, you won’t be disappointed.  (Did I mention my next career as food critic?)


Sunday morning saw me getting up around 6:00 to get ready and I could tell immediately upon turning off the alarm that I’m still not a 100% healthy man from my recent mega-cold, but pretty close! I really wanted to sleep more! The alarm had gone off and that means the dogs are allowed to be up and jumping on me and this morning was no different!  But this morning also, “Ella,” my cat had to walk on my head and so I was up within minutes.  Volunteers Eva, Mary Ann, Greg, Jennifer, and Eddie were taking “Joy” (a very shy Pit Bull mix), “Buddy,” “Carmen,” a hefty helping of a black/white PIt Bull mix, “Odie,” and nervous Chihuahua mix “Margot.”  I have to give props to Eva, she did a wonderful job of bringing confidence and calmness to “Joy” and by the end of the day, “Joy” was just a laid back and relaxed dog.  “Buddy” was “Buddy,” but even more cute today, and surprisingly more tolerant of our other dogs getting close.  “Buddy” and “Carmen” even went on a couple of walks together!  “Carmen” also went on a couple of walks with “Joy” and helped “Joy” gain some confidence.  “Odie” spent a lot of lap time.  And “Margot” discovered toys! Toys! and more Toys!  But Petco and Trader Joe’s was jammed today and as a result, we had a lot of people in our area.  People asking me questions about how to get rid of Peacocks or how to deal with Rabbits growing longer teeth.  I know about dogs and cats.  I know law protects peacocks, they are loud and messy and that’s all I know.  Rabbits need to chew.  I know that.  So, I managed to come off as all-knowing…but when someone asked me the adoption charge for cats, my all-knowing-ness faltered for a moment as I gave the wrong price for which Back-Up Volunteer Ron corrected me.  Thanks, Ron.  Anyway, we had a lot of people for the day and it was a good day that went by quickly.  No adoptions, but some interest.  It was a good day! We headed out just as the last of the shade was disappearing.  Getting back, we found a couple that had been at Petco talking with Back-Up Volunteer Vicki and they wanted to adopt a shy Chinese Sharpei, but she had just been adopted before they got there.   I checked on “JJ’s” medical report: no eye problems to be found and no fatty tumor mass to be found.  Perfectly healthy! (Insert “sigh” of relief here.)


Other Mobile Dogs to mention:  “Elvis” the Chihuahua/Dachshund that Betsy had out last weekend was reclaimed by his owner.  I had heard that he was distressed in giving “Elvis” up in the first place, so I’m pleased to see him go back to his rightful home. “J.J.” the black/white Shih Tzu taken out by Louise had been adopted but returned by the elderly adopter because “J.J.” was just too energetic for her.  And while she wasn’t a Mobile dog, “Celine,” who had been at PHS for six months, one of our longest staying dogs, was sent to Rescue on Wednesday!


Coming up this week:  We will be at Progressive Services Insurance Center on Saturday, Jan. 30 (are we already getting into February???) from 10:00 to 2:00 located at 3570 E. Foothill Blvd., in Pasadena.  On Sunday, the 31st, we will be going to the Petco in Pasadena, from 10:00-2:00 located at 845 Arroyo Parkway.  Until then, we will see you “On The Road.”