Week of December 2-6, 2015

Categories: On the Road with Marlin

Yet another very busy week! On Thursday, Dec. 3, our Mobile Crew (and I, of course) headed over to the annual Old Town Monrovia Holiday Parade. Volunteers Pamala, Greg, Rena, Judy, and Eva had out “Shebee,” a playful blue and white Pit Bull . . . who only “sorta” likes me (it’s taken a while for “Shebee” to stop negatively reacting to me . . . maybe it’s my beard . . . certainly not my lovable demeanor!); “Lola” the black and white energetic Pit Bull, “Coco,” a sweet white fluffy dog . . . maybe a Maltese mix; “Marky” the mellow Shiba Inu/Chihuahua mix; and “Rudy,” the super mellow Lhasa Apso. Parades aren’t always my favorite thing to do. The actual parade itself is always fun, but the waiting around beforehand is always tedious. I mostly decorated the Mobile Unit with Christmas lights the day before, but waited to put the outside lights on after we arrived . . . and of course, I tested all the strings of lights ahead of time. When I started stringing one set of outside lights, half of it went dead . . . as I fully expected would happen. I did manage to fine the electrical short on part of the string and got enough fixed that we were able to make it work. We were number 97 in the parade and I doubly-dreaded the loooong wait. But one nice thing about Monrovia is that they are well organized and keep things moving quickly and before we knew it, we were in the parade route just in time for one half of the inside Christmas lights to go out! But, it was just back-up Volunteer Diana who had accidentally unplugged that side. Everything went smoothly after that and we were greeted by cheering and applause as we made our way through the parade route. At the viewing stand, we were even complimented on the beautiful light decorations on the Mobile Unit. And then, it was suddenly over and we headed back to PHS.

For Saturday, Dec. 5, I had earlier discovered a conflict in the schedule. Both the Montrose Christmas Parade and the Artisanal LA Holiday Market in Old Pasadena were scheduled for the same day. It was a no contest, the parade was out and the Holiday Market was in! We pulled into our slot just off of Raymond Ave and immediately we were overwhelmed by crowds of people! And the crowds continued all day long! It was a busy and very enjoyable venue for us to be at. The people were positive and friendly and we had a very mellow bunch of shelter dogs out for the day! But it was a long day! Energy was in the air and even some of our senior dogs seemed to sense it and show their energy as well. Volunteer Bill had “Rudy.” who showed us he can dance. (“Rudy” can . . . I don’t know if Bill can or not.) “Rudy” also showed us that he knows how to shake hands (and I know that Bill knows how to shake too!). Volunteers Kelly and Cheryl had “Baby” and “Susie Stubs” the two sister Dachshund/Chihuahua mixes who spent the day together and loved all the attention. Volunteer Christina had “Marky” and he was more active and energetic today and also enjoyed going on a lot of walks. Volunteer Lucy had “Coco” who spent the day either active and playing or snoozing in Lucy’s lap. A couple showed up and became enamored of “Coco” and by the end of the day, he was off to his new fur-ever home in time for Christmas! All the dogs stayed pretty active all day, but after several hours, we decided they were all slowing down and getting tired (and let’s face it . . . we were too!). Even though the market was scheduled to go for a few more hours, I knew none of us would make it, so we pulled out early. Getting back to my office, I discovered that a few of the dogs I was planning on taking out for tomorrow were no longer available, so I had to spend a little time figuring out who was going . . . whether they were tired out from this day or not! Finally heading home, I pulled off to visit El Sol and ran into the Montrose Parade traffic! I had totally forgotten about that! But I never let a little traffic keep me from a good Margarita!

I was worried that my alarm would not go off in time to wake me for Sunday, Dec. 6, so I set my phone alarm as well. I suspect our cleaning lady gave my alarm clock a good cleaning and all the settings were off, so I was worried I wouldn’t wake up for my 4:30 time. In fact, I woke up before both alarms went off and was up and ready to head in for the Flea Market at PCC. Driving in on the 210, I was stunned by one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen! I figured this was a sign that this would be a good day! And it was! Volunteer Carol had ” Shebee,” Volunteer Bill had “Rudy,” Volunteer Mary Ann had “Baby,” Volunteer Eva had “Susy Stubs,” Volunteer Mike had “Lola,” and Volunteer Judy had “Marky.” “Marky” had all the energy he needed for the day and “Shebee” and “Lola” were recovered from Thursday’s parade. But for “Baby,” “Susy,” and “Rudy,” they were a bit slower and took a few naps. And “Rudy” was just not up for dancing today. PCC is usually quite busy for the December Flea Market and this day was no exception. We had a steady stream of people coming through our area all day long. One couple showed up and was very interested in “Shebee.” They had just lost their dog of 14 years a couple of months back and “Shebee” seemed to be a right fit. After spending a bit of time with her, they decided she was the one! I had them fill out an application and headed into the Mobile Unit to place an adoption hold on her when I suddenly received a text message. It was from Kevin, our Adoption Supervisor. He had just placed an adoption hold on “Shebee” for another couple and they were on their way over with their dog to meet her. I had to explain to “my” couple that another couple had just placed a hold and that I would let them know how it went. “Shebee” wanted to play with the other couple’s dog, but he wasn’t all that interested. After discussing it, we all decided to extend their hold through Tuesday to give both dogs a chance off-leash in our play yard. I explained to my couple that I would call them afterwards to let them know since they were now second in line. It’s really interesting, “Shebee’ has been at our shelter for several weeks and suddenly two couples are interested at the same time! But, it does mean that an adoption will happen . . . we just need to wait and find out with whom. We also had nearly a dozen of alumni dogs and their owners stopping by to say hi! One was “Rosie” a sweet and lovable Pit who took a few months to finally get adopted. Her owner stopped with and “Rosie” was happy to say hi to each of us. And last month, we adopted out “Lenny” and his new owner stopped by with him a couple of times to visit for a while. “Lenny” has been on a lot of travels and was just the happiest dog! Arriving back at PHS, I discovered that “Marky” had been chosen to head over to a Foster Home at a Rescue! Overall, it was as I thought it would be . . . a very good day!

I am saddened to report on Volunteer Nancy who has had to go in for cancer surgery. She is one of our top volunteers and has a lot of good thoughts headed her way! I am happy to report that she has come through her surgery this weekend and is positive and upbeat. As a matter of fact, she texted us just before going in for her surgery that she wanted the Mobile Unit and plenty of dogs to be at the hospital when she came out of surgery. Well, she had volunteers visiting, but we couldn’t smuggle the dogs in!

Coming up this week: On Saturday, December 12, we will be at PetSmart in Monrovia from 11:00-3:00 located at 745 W. Huntington Dr. in Monrovia. On Sunday, December 13, we will be at PetSmart in Hastings Ranch from 11:00-2:30 located at 3347 E. Foothill Blvd., in Pasadena. We will see you “On The Road”!