Rainy Day Pet Tips

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For the first time in years, the Los Angeles area is experiencing a wet winter! While the water is a welcome relief, it can pose a particular challenge for dog owners. We’ve put together some pointers to help you through the rainy season.

Have Some Fun!


  • Visit a pet-friendly business. Most pet stores allow dogs to wander the aisles with their owners, as do some local businesses. Always check first before you bring Fido along for the ride.
  • Invest in interactive dogs toys. Kibble dispensing toys and puzzle toys keep your dog’s mind active. You can pick up some at the PHS Shelter Shop.
  • Practice training commands and tricks. Use a rainy day to brush up on your dog’s “sit,” “stay,” and “shake” commands or check out our training classes.
  • Invite a doggy friend over for a playdate or drop your pup off at an indoor doggy daycare.
  • Pick up some raingear. For dogs that don’t want to “do their business” in the rain, a raincoat might do the trick. Try to take your dog out under an overhang or cover them with an umbrella.
  • Go outside. Many dogs don’t mind the rain and a little water shouldn’t do them any harm. Grab a raincoat and some rain boots for yourself and take your dog for their normal walk or throw a ball in the backyard.

Safety First!

  • Current identification. If your dog is outside and we experience a strong downpour or a thunderstorm, they may run trying to find safe cover. In the event your pet does get lost, current identification is the best ticket home.
  • If you do lose your pet, be sure to visit the shelter regularly and check our website daily at a minimum. Photos of all incoming animals are updated hourly.
  • Keep pets indoors. If an animal is outdoors, you must provide shelter out of the rain. It’s the law!
  • If you see an animal outside in the rain with no shelter or in need, please contact animal control at 626.792.7151.
  • Book a spay/neuter appointment. Take a look at the extended forecast. If there is a rainy day coming up, it might be the perfect time to take Fluffy in for spay/neuter surgery.

For more tips or behavior advice for your pet, call our behavior hotline at 626.792.7151 ext. 155 or email behavior@pasadenahumane.org.