Pets & Holidays

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12.20.16‘Tis the season for celebration, winter vacation and pet adoption. The holiday season is always a busy time at our shelter. With school out of session and many companies closed for the holidays, we see a lot of visitors this time of year. That’s great news for the animals in our shelter!

Adopting a new pet over the holidays can be an exciting family activity. PHS offers the opportunity to have your whole family meet your new pet and fall in love together. If you can’t make it with the family before the holiday, pick up a PHS gift certificate good for pet adoption, spay/neuter and in our Shelter Shop.

Once you bring your new pet home, remember that the holidays can be a busy time filled with visitors to the home, tasty treats and decorations. Here are a couple extra tips to help your newly adopted (and current) pets:

  • Holiday Gatherings: Big parties can be a stressful occasion for all pets, but even more so for newly adopted animals who may not be settled into a routine yet. Set up a quiet room in the back of your house where your pet can retreat to if they become overwhelmed.
  • Feasts: Many holiday foods like sweets and rich sauces can be rough on your pet’s tummy. Avoid giving your dog cooked bones as they can splinter and cause injury. Best to pick up some special treats from the pet store to help Fido or Fluffy feel part of the celebration. Always have a veterinarian on speed dial in case of emergency!
  • Decorations: Sparkly, shiny and oh so climbable, holiday decorations are beautiful to look at, but require a bit of planning if you have pets around. Secure your tree to wall or ceiling and place ornaments high up the tree. Replace pet toxic tinsel and garland, with velvet bows or ribbons. And remember, poinsettias, mistletoe, ivy and holly berries can be poisonous to dogs and cats.
  • Identification: With all the holiday hubbub, pets can get spooked and take off running. Current identification—a collar and ID tag, microchip, or both—are your pets best ticket home. If your pet gets lost, post signs, check our website (it’s updated hourly) and visit the shelter regularly.

Need more tips for brining your new pet home during the holiday season, call our behavior hotline at 626.791.7151 ext. 155 or email