National Pit Bull Awareness Month

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October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month! Here’s some Pit Bull knowledge to debunk the myths and get to know these wonderful dogs better. Plus, meet some of our friendly pittie faces available for adoption here at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

What is a Pit Bull? Pit Bull, aka pit, aka pittie, is not actually a breed but rather a term which encompasses several breeds including American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Pit Bull has become a word to describe a certain look generally blocky head, broad shoulder, muscular build type dog but they could be a mix of any breed. They come in all shapes and sizes – big, small, muscular, and more to love. Pit Bulls tend to be wonderful with people and are an intelligent breed. They are quick to learn, and eager to please their humans.

Are pitbulls trainable? Yes! Pits are intelligent dogs and generally easy to train because they’re eager to please their humans. With the right motivation (treats, toys, pets, praise, play), they can be trained for many different sports and tasks including dock diving, agility, nosework, and more! When you see a blue ribbon sticker on a dog’s info card at the Pasadena Humane Society, it means they’ve learned their basic commands – sit, lie down, and stay. They’re smart puppers who would love to continue their training with you!

What is “Adopt the Cropped”? Some pits have had their ears cut for various reasons. Some people think it makes them look tough. Regardless of why it happened, it is common for people to decide not to adopt a dog with cropped ears because of the stigma attached. “Adopt the Cropped” is a campaign to bring awareness to pits with cropped ears. Won’t you look past the ears and into their wiggly hippopotamus hearts to give them a chance at love? Meet our cropped pits at the shelter and give them some love this month.

Do pit bulls make good guard dogs? No. Pit Bull type dogs are loyal, but are friendly and gentle towards humans by nature. They may look intimidating, which is why they have that reputation, but they’re more likely to smother you with kisses and whip you with their wagging tail.

Why are there so many Pit Bull dogs at the shelter? One, overpopulation. Pit Bulls have become more popular than ever and there are too many of them. Often people are attracted to them because they are incredibly adorable as puppies with their giant clumsy paws. But they grow into big teenager dogs who need attention, exercise and training to show them how to be well-behaved good dog citizens. Many Pit Bulls who end up in the shelter are around 1 year old because their previous owners simply didn’t have time to dedicate to these smart, willful dogs.

If you put in the time to train, teach and love a Pit Bull, they will become your most loyal and loving companion. Do you have room in your heart and your home for a pittie? View all of our available dogs at