Later, gator! Tina moves to the LA Zoo

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After 18 years at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, Tina the Alligator will be moved to the LA Zoo. Tina, a 7-foot, 100 pound American Alligator, was one of many wild and exotic animals that came to PHS in 1998 when a traveling wildlife education program closed due to permitting issues.

Tina has lived in an enclosed pond area with a waterfall in the PHS dog kennels for the better part of two decades. Tina’s stay at PHS was supposed to be temporary, but safe placement outside of the shelter was difficult to obtain. Until now!

Tina will leave the shelter and be transported to the LA Zoo where she will have a larger habitat and hopefully companionship.

While Tina was never up for adoption, she was a beloved local icon. Always the star of student tours at the Humane Society, Tina was considered part of the family for the staff, volunteers and visitors.

We will miss her dearly and wish her the best in her new habitat.

Please remember, wild animals should not be kept as pets. Wild animals should stay in the wild.

Tina strikes a poseTina enjoys a quick napTina-enjoys-a-good-stretchTina-goes-for-a-swim