Have fun and stay safe at the Wiggle Waggle Walk!

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2PIX5347Thousands of dogs and their owners will be at the Rose Bowl for the 18th Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk on Sunday, September 25. Follow these tips to help make your Wiggle Waggle Walk a great day.

Rest and Rehydrate

Your dog will be surrounded by new and interesting sights, sounds and scents. At times you may find your dog looking stressed or overwhelmed. Seek out a quiet, shaded spot away from the action. Use this as a time for a water break for both you and your dog!

Family Friendly

Always check with a dog’s owner before allowing your children to pet a dog. Allow the dog to come up to your child, rather than enter the dog’s space. Have your child kneel down to the dog’s level with their body turned to the side. Pet the dog on their chest versus over the top of the head.

Dog Greeting

Before letting your dog meet another dog, communicate with the other owner. Keep dog-to-dog meetings short and sweet. Encourage the dogs to sniff each other’s hinds by moving with them in a ‘C’ shape. Never force your dog to meet another dog if they look uncomfortable.

Visit the Behavior and Training booth or call our hotline at 626.792.7151 ext. 155 for more tips.