Fairy-tail Ending For Young Kitten

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Thomas Jefferson, TJ for short, arrived at PHS as a stray over the 4th of July weekend. This young kitten weighed just over 1.5 pounds and suffered from a treatable skin condition that caused fur loss with inflamed and itchy skin.

TJ’s skin condition did not affect his spirit. He was outgoing, friendly and VERY hungry. As TJ scarfed down his canned food, our concerned staff wondered how best to help this little guy.  Our isolation ward was full and TJ’s condition was transferable to humans. His options were limited.

Our foster coordinator reached out to our partners at VCA: A Breed Apart to see if they could help. Lucky for TJ, they had space in their isolation ward and offered to donate his treatment and care. He was transferred to VCA and over the next month received top notch care from the VCA veterinarians and staff.

When TJ came back to PHS at the end of July, he was a brand new kitten! His fur had started to fill in, his skin was smooth, and he had doubled in size. He went up for adoption the same day.

It wasn’t long before TJ’s new family found him. The Mena family came to PHS looking for a companion their other cat and their son, Max. When they laid eyes of TJ, they knew he was the one.

TJ, renamed Figaro, fit into the Mena household immediately. “He is extremely affectionate and very playful,” says adopter Patrisia Mena. “He spends his time playing with our other cat and snuggling with everybody at home.”

A very happy ending for all!