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Coyote activity in residential areas is on the rise. Wildfires, years of drought, and continued urban development, have all contributed to the increase of coyotes in residential neighborhoods.CoyoteAdultStanding

Residential areas are appealing to coyotes because they provide a constant source of food and water. As coyotes settle in our cities, the once fearful coyote has become more accustomed to human activity and more brazen in its actions.

Since May 2015, several incidents involving coyotes and young children in Orange County have reinforced the need to be mindful of native wildlife and take measures to keep ourselves and our pets safe.

How can I prevent coyotes in my neighborhood?

  • Keep small pets inside, especially at dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active
  • Never offer food to coyotes. To ensure our safety, coyotes must remain fearful of humans.
  • Remove outdoor food sources, including pet food bowls and unsecured trash cans.
  • Water is as appealing as food. Remove water sources from your yard—pet food bowls, watering cans, etc.
  • Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

What if a coyote approaches?

  • Do not walk towards the coyote.
  • Do not run if a coyote approaches. Make loud noise to try to scare the coyote.
  • Try to make yourself appear as big and scary as possible.
  • Pick up small children or pets.