Back to School Tips for Pets

Categories: In the News, Pet Behavior Advice

back to school imageThe annual return to school is always a busy time. As classes, homework, and other activities begin filling our families’ schedules, it’s important to make sure our pets don’t get lost in the commotion. Since pets are creatures of habit, they can become stressed by kids’ sudden daily absence and other school-related disruptions. Follow these tips to make the back to school transition as easy as possible for our furry family members.

  1. Start your pet on a consistent school day routine. The sooner your pet adapts to their new schedule the happier they’ll be, and keeping your morning ritual consistent will go a long way toward helping them adjust. Take your pooch for a walk every morning; if your cat enjoys play time, spend some time with them and their favorite toy before school. And since Fluffy and Fido will be getting some energy out at the beginning of the day, they’ll also be calmer during school hours!
  2. Keep your pet busy while you’re gone. Just like humans, our animals can get bored! Give them something to do during the day to keep them happy and entertained. One great idea is to give your pet interactive puzzle toys that will keep their mind stimulated.
  3. If your pet will be alone all day, consider playing music or the radio at a low volume. During the summer, pets become accustomed to the typical activity and noise levels of a family household. Transitioning suddenly to a quiet home can be stressful for animals. Play music on low-volume to help soothe your pet.
  4. Plan family activities that your pet can participate in. Since your animal will have fewer people around during the day once the kids are back in school, it’s important to make sure they get plenty of attention outside of school hours. If you’re considering a family trip to the beach, for example, find one where dogs are allowed and bring yours along for the ride.