How to celebrate National Dog Day (even if you don’t have a dog)

Sally (A467106), an 8-year old Pitbull/Terrier mix, has been at PHS since October 2018. That’s way too long for this sweet girl to be without a home. She’s a little shy, but warms up quickly. Come by and meet this precious angel!

This morning I treated my dogs (Madeline and Oliver) to a fun Dachshund’s Day out in honor of National Dog Day. I bring them to work with me every day anyway where they spend most of the day snoozing under my desk. This morning though, instead of coming directly into the office, I took them to the park for an easy stroll and a nice long, luxurious roll in the grass.

For some reason, when they see a patch of grass, they must roll in it…for as long as possible. It is a task they take very seriously – particularly when they come across an especially dense lawn that has been recently mowed. And the park across the street from my office has some Five Star grass, let me tell you. This activity requires complete and total concentration in order to achieve maximum benefit of this exquisite full body massage. A squirrel with a blow horn could be passing by, and they wouldn’t notice when they are in full roll mode.

After spending a half hour rolling in grass and being pet by cooing strangers, we walked over to our Shelter Shop for some treats. And by treats, of course I mean stuff they have absolutely no interest in, but need anyway. I picked up Glucosamine for their joints, flea control treatment, and some hypoallergenic shampoo.

I’m not a complete monster, though. Because it’s a national holiday, I also decided to pick up some dental chews (which they love!), doggy ice cream for dessert, and their favorite training treats.

How are you celebrating National Dog Day with your dogs? Even if you don’t have a dog, there are so many different ways to celebrate these loving companions. Here are some examples:

  1. Social Media Mutts.
  2. Post pictures or your favorite videos on social media that showcase your pet’s doing adorable and hysterical things. For example, I posted a video of Ollie barking in his sleep. It’s hilarious because 1) he’s asleep, and 2) his bark is beyond funny. He has a smoker’s bark – so he sounds like Bea Arthur after chain-smoking Marlboro Reds. It’s amazing. (Side note: if you do post awesome pictures of your dog this week, please tag us @pasadenahumane because we’d love to see them!)

  3. Mix and Mingle.
  4. Take your dog to the dog park for some fun in the sun. It’s like a group fitness class for dogs.

  5. Retail therapy.
  6. Take your dog to the pet store to pick out some treats and stock up on things you need to keep your dog healthy and happy. Perhaps an adorable new collar/leash combo, or a harness. Our Shelter Shop is a great spot to find all kinds of fun items from the lastest dog fashions to an elegantly curated array of treats and food.

  7. Go for a walk.
  8. It’s great for both you and your pet. We live in one of the best climates on earth – so why not enjoy as much time outside with your dog as possible. You’ll get more steps in and your dog will have a blast. You’ll both sleep better too. If you don’t have a dog, offer to take an elderly neighbor’s dog out for a stroll.

  9. Pay it forward.
  10. Shelters like ours are always in need of donated items such as towels, blankets, unopened pet food, kuranda beds, and toys. Check out all the ways you can give under the “How you can help” tab at

There is one other really awesome way to celebrate National Dog Day: go to your local shelter and adopt! We see thousands of animals come into our shelter every year in all shapes, sizes, breeds, and personalities.

It still startles me to know that based on a study done by the American Pet Products Association, only 23% of pet owners got their pet in a shelter. Given that there are roughly 3.3 million dogs coming into shelters across the country every year, this is a staggering statistic. We can do better. We should do better.

However you celebrate this treasured national holiday, I hope you’ll take a moment to think about all the homeless pets in shelters whose lives have been turned upside down by getting lost or abandoned. Take some time to think about all these forgotten companions and what you can do to help them get a second chance.

Happy National Dog Day everyone!