Wondrous Willow

Categories: Adoption Stories

Pg5_Happy TailBreed ambassador, kitten socializer, and office dog extraordinaire are just a few of the many roles Willow has embraced since her adoption from PHS. But sweet Willow’s future wasn’t always so certain.

In the summer of 2015, our animal control officers picked up a 10-year-old pit bull tied to a stop sign in Monrovia. Willow quickly became a staff favorite at the shelter thanks to her calm demeanor and loveable personality. Within a couple weeks of her arrival, however, Willow suffered multiple seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Our staff knew that Willow’s medical condition, combined with her age and breed, made her chances of finding a new home slim to none. But one of our staff members was not ready to give up on this sweet girl.

Joan Aquino, a cat behavior specialist at PHS, and her husband Carlos, had previously fostered senior dogs with medical issues for local rescues. So when Willow’s other placement options fell through, Joan and Carlos made the decision to adopt her.

“We weren’t looking to adopt a dog,” says Joan, “but she has been the perfect addition to our family.” She gets along perfectly with the couple’s two cats and snuggles with the many PHS kittens Joan and Carlos foster. Her epilepsy is now managed with daily medication and close observation.

Best of all, Willow comes to work with her mom every day where she has accepted the position of “official greeter” in the PHS volunteer office. Sara Muriello, PHS Volunteer Manager, adds, “Willow brings tremendous joy to our volunteers, many of whom followed her journey from shelter dog to beloved family pet.”