“Two older cats that nobody wanted”

Categories: Adoption Stories

I had previously owned feral cats that I spent lots of time training to become tame; they eventually ran off and I missed having cats around. I went to PHS looking for some cats that nobody wanted. After talking with the staff and explaining to them that I wanted “2 older cats that nobody wanted that would get along and keep each other company,” they suggested “Blackie” a male, who had been turned in. He was about 5 years old when I got him and had a rough life. He was adopted in Iran (and came with papers) and then brought to Glendale where he was abused before being turned in. Being an older black cat who was malnourished and missing hair, cuts, scars, nobody wanted him (I even questioned myself when I first met him as to what I was getting into, he is a very large and muscular cat). The staff suggested “Cali” a mostly black Calico that they found pregnant on the streets and was very shy, and about 4 years old.

When I took them home, Cali was afraid of Blackie at first (due to his size) but now they are best friends. They snuggle when it’s cold and Blackie gives Cali face wash/licks. Blackie is full of energy and has a beautiful full coat of black hair. They are on the best high quality diet and get plenty of outdoor time. Cali loves to follow Blackie around and Blackie loves to climb up and down trees. Blackie is not a lap cat but will sit right next to me and loves scratches. Cali is a true lap cat and loves to steal attention. I would encourage anyone to adopt older and black cats. I have had these 2 cats for 6 years now and they were the best buddies I could ever have. Thank you PHS !!!