Tugboat and Seabee

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Dear Friends at PHS,


We could not be happier with our two adoptions from PHS. Dogs have been a huge part of our family for 30 years.  As our beloved friends come and go with the passing of time, we have always made sure that our dogs have companions to share their lives with.

In 2014, while visiting the Pasadena Community College flea market, we passed the PHS setup. A 2-year-old, red Labrador named Tugboat stole our hearts with his demeanor, energy and love. We immediately adopted him into the family. Tugboat bonded immediately with our older dog Charli at home. Sadly, Charli passed in April 2016. Tugboat was depressed and lethargic for quite some time. We searched for a new companion for months without success.

My wife and I visited PCC flea market again in July 2016 some 2 years after adopting Tugboat. We stopped at the PHS tent and there she was!!! Khloe, a beagle harrier full of energy. After spending time with Khloe, we rushed home to Lakewood and loaded Tugboat into the car and raced back for a greet and meet.

Khloe and Tugboat bonded immediately. Completely different breeds but relatively the same in age and size, one male and one female…they are now the best of friends. We have been fortunate that 3 of our last 4 dogs lived to the glorious age of 17.  Khloe has since been renamed Seabee.

In all my years of caring for dogs, I have never seen two dogs so completely connected as though they were siblings. They share their food, they sleep nested together and their “tug of war” battles with their toys are epic in nature. We are so very grateful to all the staff, volunteers and friends at PHS. Thank you for all the tremendous work you do.  You make lifetime connections and fill homes with love.

Christal and Greg Williams
Lakewood, CA