Their loss is my gain

Categories: Adoption Stories

Ginger was a stray that was picked up in Pasadena area with a collar and tags with her name “Lido” and a phone number. The former owners were not interested in retrieving her. That was their loss and my gain! Ginger is a sweetheart of a dog. She is very smart and it turned out that she knew numerous commands. She seemed wild at the shelter and I had my doubts. I passed her by on my first visit but I couldn’t stop thinking about her because I knew she was meant to be my dog. I went back a second time and adopted her.

When I brought her home she settled in just fine. She has lots of energy but is not wild. She loves her back yard and her doggie door. She loves going for walks and playing ball. She enjoys her new family and especially loves my grandsons. My mother is in a wheelchair due to a stroke and recently had two minor seizures. Both times Ginger went to her and put her head in her lap until she stopped seizing, comforting my mother. She is a very loving companion and doing her best to fit into her new home. She loves to crawl up on the sofa and watch TV with me. What a wonderful girl!