The bunny who thinks she’s a kitten

Categories: Adoption Stories

For the past 20 years our family has adopted many pets from the Pasadena Humane Society, including three of our resident cats, and our resident Pitbull, Ginger. In May of 2017, my daughters and I also became volunteers in the PHS foster kitten program and to date, have had almost 30 kittens come through our home. Recently we adopted Ruby, the bunny, she is our first ever bunny! We opted for Ruby, because she is young and trainable. Honestly, I have had very limited exposure to bunnies, must less having our own, but she has been such a joy. We acclimated her slowly to our busy animal household, by keeping her in her cage, but allowing the kittens to have access to her through the wire. Within days, Ruby would eagerly await the kittens in the morning, after their breakfast, and we noticed that she would watch them intently, and soon started mimicking them. Ruby has since litter-box trained herself, plays rough and tumble with the kittens, they snuggle together for naps, and she climbs with them on their cat trees and her cage! Seriously, she thinks that she’s a cat!

Ruby was originally adopted as a companion for a male bunny, who has taken residence in our home, but in all reality, she is truly a playmate for the kittens. We adore her temperament – she allows us to cradle her on her back and rub her belly (just like the kittens), she plays with the kitten toys and also seeks out the affection of the older resident cats. When she goes “missing”, I can always find her under my bed with the older cats, just lounging. She is allowed to free roam the house, just like that cats, as well. I can 100% attest to rabbits as amazing pets! And this batch of kittens, who will be returning shortly to PHS for adoption, are now “bunny savvy”!