Snowflake is happy at home

Categories: Adoption Stories

It’s been four weeks since we brought precious Snowflake home. I figure it’s a good time to send you an update! She was shy and scared at first. Your advice on how to help her with the transition to our house was so helpful, and very much appreciated. She’s been out in the house for the past week and is making herself at home. She occasionally retreats to her safe place under the bed but runs right out when we call to her. She is a brave, affectionate, playful, and intelligent girl. We are loving getting to know her, and it seems like she’s feeling pretty happy and comfortable here. Our resident cat, Chloe, (now over the initial newness of it all) is obviously thrilled to have another cat in the house and never misses an opportunity to play with Snowflake or doze off in the same room with her.

Thank you again for your great tips and the cat toys, which both cats enjoy daily!