Sky, the bunny

Categories: Adoption Stories

My rescue dog Sky had just had to be put down about a week before I adopted Cielo. I was really bummed and my mom didn’t want another dog but I was home most of the day and was lonely and hoping for another pet, so my boyfriend asked my mom if he could get me a bunny. It took some convincing but finally my mom agreed and my boyfriend and I came to the shelter to pick one out. Right away I fell in love with Cielo. He had 2 brothers and they were born at the shelter and were finally ready to go home with someone. He has one lop ear, and my Sky always had one ear up and one ear down too. His color and sweet demeanor reminded me so much of her and I fell in love right away. I named him Cielo because it means Sky in Spanish. Now I’ve had him for a month and I love him more every day. He has a hutch in my room for when I’m at class but when I’m home he’s free to explore in my room and he loves to snuggle with me in my bed. I honestly never thought I’d have a bunny but adopting him was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. He’s so sweet and intelligent. He’s like my little best friend.