Rosie and I truly rescued each other

Categories: Adoption Stories

Hi! I’d like to share my story of adopting Rosie since today is her 2nd birthday! We adopted her from PHS October 14, 2017. She was brought in as a stray and your veterinarian thought she was probably used for breeding. She had a dirty c-section incision, a severe breast infection and a uterine infection. There was a medical hold on her for about 2 weeks while she was treated for all her infections. Then there was a waiting list to adopt her. We were second on the list. The first people on the list didn’t show up. Then she was finally well enough for her medical hold to be lifted and she was ours! She has since healed completely from all her infections and is a spunky and happy little pup who loves to play with her brother, Barnabas and get belly rubs!

Another thing that made her adoption so special is that we had lost our beloved dog, Bowser, a year before. And Rosie was brought into PHS on the 1 year anniversary of Bowser’s passing! I was still hurting so much from losing him. But once we brought Rosie home I started to heal from that loss. Everyday Rosie fills my heart with such love happiness when it was once so broken and empty. Rosie and I truly rescued each other!