Riley is a perfect mix of snuggly and medium energy

Categories: Adoption Stories

We wanted to report to you that since we adopted 2-year old Riley, an Australian shepherd-Doberman mix, in August of 2017, she has fit into our family wonderfully. We had an older female dog already, and while they weren’t best of friends, Riley immediately deferred to her and gave her space. We had to put that dog down recently and Riley even went and snuggled up to her right after her passing. Riley has bonded perfectly with our teenage daughter, which was one of our hopes, leaving our younger son jealous, so we may be back in the spring to adopt again. Riley is a perfect mix of snuggly and medium energy. She loves to play fetch and did great with other dogs at the dog beach. She rides well in the car and we look forward to some road trips with her in the spring and summer. We couldn’t be happier with her!