Purring Pete

Categories: Adoption Stories


Pete first found himself at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in winter of 2009 as a two-month-old kitten. Sadly, 8 years later he was back at the shelter as a stray. Now approaching his golden years, this lovable boy waited over a month for a new home. Pete stayed in good spirits his entire stay at the shelter. He greeted each passerby with a meow and purred up a storm for our volunteers.

When adopter Elaine B. came to the PHS, she thought she would adopt a kitten. But, after meeting Pete, she knew she had found the perfect cat. Months later Pete is doing fantastic!

Elaine wrote us to say, “We just wanted to say thanks again for introducing Pete into our lives. He seems to be doing really well – marathon naps, rolling around for pets, exploring, playing, and getting to know our other cat.  And you just have to look at Pete and he’ll start purring!  He is a happy boy!”