Petra & Marbles

Categories: Adoption Stories

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Dear “little” Petra and “big” Marbles are the sweetest addition to our family! We adopted sweet Petra in late summer of 2014 as a shy little kitten (she is still petite, with a thick, luxurious silky black coat), followed by Marbles (because he has big, green “marbles” for eyes) about three weeks later. After a testy week or two, they bonded well. And, though each loves their own “space,” they frequently groom one another and, when they play, they play a hilarious version of “chase” … up and down the stairs, in and out of the (empty!) bathtub, back and forth, clawing on any receptive surface!

Petra and Marbles are indeed an Odd Couple, but that makes them all the more interesting and easy to love. We are so happy with our kitty family!!