Little Lulu

Categories: Adoption Stories

Lulu Beach

We adopted Lulu in May 2014. My sister tagged me in a picture of her & her sibling puppies that was posted on the Pasadena Humane Society Facebook page. I’m so grateful that she thought of Lulu being the perfect match for our home. It was the best decision my husband and I have made together to meet her on that Saturday morning & welcome her into our home. Lulu is an incredibly loving, active & adorable dog. She brings so much joy to our daily lives. She loves to cuddle, play with her toys & enjoys wearing sweaters during the colder days (since she has short fur). I’ve become much more familiar with my neighbors now that I take Lulu on daily walks to use up all that puppy energy. She brings smiles to strangers & friends alike. She forces me to enjoy the little yet significant moments in life such as unplugging from technology by walking her & enjoying the crisp, fall air. Her boundless energy is contagious & brings lots of smiles & laughs to our home. We love hearing her run around the house throwing her stuffed animals into the air. It’s a complete moment of bliss. She loves jumping into her car seat & going on adventures with us. Lulu, thank you for always being there for us. You bring a smile to our faces if we’re having a stressful day. The stress instantly goes away when you cuddle up next to us & love us for who we are.

-Rachel Agostini