Liam and Pepper, BFFs

Categories: Adoption Stories

Hi Pasadena Humane!

I wanted to thank you for our two new furry additions to our family!

My partner and I visited Pasadena Humane on the hottest day this summer, thinking we were crazy to adopt a cat in the 110 degree heat. However, we were ready to adopt. In the back of my mind, I wanted an adult cat, because I knew that a lot of adult cats wait longer than kittens to find a loving home. While we were there, we ended up having our sights on one kitten, but right below her cage was Liam’s (then Helium) cage. He made a noise that made me crouch down to look at him. He came right up to the door, made the noise again, made a gesture that he wanted his head to be scratched. I was in love. Now, Liam follows us around the house and wants to be cuddled all the time. I learned that he was rescued from a hoarder, which made me want to love him even more and make up for Liam’s first 8 years of life. He loves snuggling next to us on the bed, resting his head on our shoulders. We’re both sad when us humans have to do human work and he has to wait until night time to snuggle again!

Then my partner and I wanted to have another cat, a sibling for Liam. A week later, Pasadena Humane had a free cat adoption event. We saw Piper (then Lady Bird), a 7 month old tabby, and fell in love with her, because she constantly wanted to explore, yet let us carry her. She was the one!

Liam and Piper hit it off from day one. They followed each other around our home, hid with each other, and cleaned each other. They love being involved in shenanigans together and of course, begging for food together. We love them so much and we look forward to every day with them!