Happy Birthday Ms. Fang

Categories: Adoption Stories

It’s her birthday today! One whole year since I brought her home! This little munchkin changed my world and she’s changed a lot too. The day they found her she was so dirty and her hair was so long it dragged on the floor, they could tell she had been used for breeding and then when she got too old she was just left somewhere then Pasadena Humane Society found her and got her all cleaned up. She was so scared when I brought her home and it took months for her to warm up to my friends and family. Ms. Fang has a completely different life now… she enjoys frequent trips to the mall & target, she has grown accustom to doggie cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes for special occasions, she loves to jump into her car seat to go for a ride & go out on long walks with her dog walker/uncle Brendan while I’m away and sometimes accompanies me to work and she’s even had a professional photo shoot; our holiday card was a hit last year & we’re currently working on a theme for this years shoot…. I never thought I’d have a dog let alone be writing all of this for her and run a separate Instagram for her (FOLLOW HER @ms.fangthangs).