From back of the den to a wagging tail

Categories: Adoption Stories

When I first met Stan in his kennel, he looked so scared. It broke my heart. He didn’t come out of his den like all the other dogs did. So I wanted to meet him and possibly adopt him. My husband and I asked to see him and that’s when we met counselor Izzy. She told us she won’t be able to bring him out of the kennel to socialize. He has to be carried from point a to b. He’s very shy. He has not left the corner of the den. He’s doesn’t do well on the leash. He’s very scared. He was taken off the bathing schedule. He’s afraid of people. After hearing all that, I decided that I’ll visit him a few more times at the shelter to see if he would warm up to us. Izzy said if we were still interested, the supervisor might let us go inside the kennel and sit with him for a little bit. I can see in his eyes that he has a sweet soul. After visiting him 4 days, we asked to sit with him in the kennel. My husband and I took turns to meet him and he was not aggressive at all. That was our main concern. We decided to adopt him on Sunday but adoption hours were over. We waited until Tuesday and picked him up early morning.

When we got home, we sat with him and talked to him. He was searching for corners to hide in. On the same day, we were able to bathe him and he allowed us. He smelled very bad and needed a bath haha. I spent 2 days hanging out with him all day. He didn’t eat on the first day so we went and bought him steak and bone marrow. He devoured it. We think he is house trained because he only pees and poos outside. He waits by the door when he wants to go.

He enjoys walking and sniffing the yard. He’s afraid of cars and car sounds so when a car is nearby, he stops and stares at it. Then he’ll back up. He is improving day by day. His tail used to be between his legs. We saw his tail come up for the first time 2 days ago and we were surprised! He’s such a sweet dog.