First-Class Chihuahua

Categories: Adoption Stories

First Class Chi ResizeLouie’s adoption journey began when he arrived at PHS in October of 2014 as a stray. The 10-year-old Chihuahua had clearly been someone’s pet, but, sadly, no one came for him. Louie patiently waited in the kennels week after week for his forever home.

Enter the Andrews family. In 2006, the Andrews adopted a bonded pair of dogs from the Pasadena Humane Society—Madeline, a Shepherd mix and Lady, a Chihuahua. When Lady passed away in the fall of 2014, the family was heartbroken, but 6-year-old Raleigh Andrews took it the hardest. After grieving the loss of her beloved dog, the family decided to return to PHS to adopt another senior Chihuahua in Lady’s honor.

When the Andrews family arrived at PHS in December of 2014, they immediately knew Louie was the one. “As soon as Louie and our daughter Raleigh set eyes on each other there was no turning back,” says Samantha Andrews, Raleigh’s mom.

“Louie has been a wonderful addition to our family,” Samantha adds. “Raleigh and Louie are the very best of friends. They are thick as thieves. They love each other unconditionally.”

Louie has enjoyed numerous adventures with the Andrews family, including a trip to Big Bear and flying first class to the Connecticut shore for a family vacation this past summer.

Looks like little Louie has hit the jackpot!