Dylan Dog

Categories: Adoption Stories

Dylan__Ron_and_Jan_Leath_Adopt_a_Shelter_Dog_monthOctober is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. There are many reasons to adopt shelter dogs. Here’s the Leath’s story about their newest family member, Dylan.

We didn’t think we were ready for another dog, but we saw Dylan’s(formerly Chewbacca) picture as your “pet of the week” Easter weekend. We went to meet him April 10 and fell in love. We had to bring this sad beautiful shaggy dog home. He is the perfect fit for us, gentle with our elderly cats, bestows lots of kisses, and feels it’s his duty to keep an eye on everyone in the house, two and four legged. He is very athletic and can jump twice his height for a treat or a toy; he keeps Ron in shape with power walks four times a day. We are very grateful.

Thank you.
Ron and Jan Leath