Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy

Categories: Adoption Stories

We were looking for a young German Shepherd and were excited to see one in Kennel 62. We found him very handsome with a gentle and calm demeanor. We did a meet and greet with him in the big yard. The staff was very kind and asked a lot of good questions to ensure a good fit. After discussing the work, training and responsibility, we said yes to adopting him! We waited a few days for him to get neutered before coming home. In that time we decided on his name Drax inspired by Drax the destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy. Before bringing Drax home we took him for a long walk in the park to get out some initial very excited energy. He then came home to meet our family dog – a 10 year old Labrador named Bella. It was a successful meeting and Drax has continued to be socialized and meet other dogs and people. He’s experienced movie night in the park, work picnics, swimming in a pool, a trip to the river, and regular playdates with his Labrador friends. We make sure he stays active and keeps up on training. He’s a sweet, playful and cuddly pup. It’s only the beginning of our adventures with Drax. Thank you Pasadena Humane Society!