Dasher and Blitzen became Trixie and Astro

Categories: Adoption Stories

Well it has been two weeks now and Astro and Trixie have adapted to their new home very well. Neighbors have stopped by and think they are such a wonderful addition to our family.

They are both very good natured and have been well behaved. They love roaming the back yard and exploring their new environment.

Astro has developed a fascination with squirrels and can be quite taken with them high up in the mulberry tree. He has remained very mellow and plays well with our very energetic Trixie.

Trixie has become more independent and loves exploring and digging. Her holes are quite small as our ground can be very hard and full or roots. She will run off to check out things yet still looks back to see where Astro is.

They have a large kennel to share outside and one to sleep in at night. They took to those right away.

We are sending some pictures so you can see how they are doing.