Charles, the cutest pup ever

Categories: Adoption Stories
4959I adopted Charles (aka Yoda) after he was found wandering the streets right before Thanksgiving 2015. He was at the shelter for two weeks before I found him. The people at the shelter said that he’d been adopted before as he had a past ID tag on him, but his owner’s didn’t want him when they were called. For someone to adopt a dog only to not want him anymore shortly thereafter is so cruel, especially to do to this sweetheart.


At first, he was extremely shy, scared of cars, loud noises, and had tummy issues. After discovering he was allergic to poultry, I switched up his diet and he put on about 20 lbs. He was completely potty trained, is very affectionate, obedient, loves baths and, taking up half of my bed. As my dad likes to say, he’s the best dog we’ve ever had, and he’s not even my parents dog. They just love him that much. I am so thankful that Charles found me. In less than 2 short years, he’s become the best part of me.


Thank you so much for all that you do!!!


Leigh B.