Came in for one cat and adopted two

Categories: Adoption Stories

A few months ago my family had decided we wanted to adopt a kitten. We have two older cats (Butch and Lola) approximately ages 16 and 14 and I hadn’t had a kitten since 1995. We recently lost Midori, age 19 and a few years back my “husband cat” Joshua passed from cancer. I named my son after Joshua when he was born 7 years ago. I guess you could call us crazy cat people.

I went in to adopt just one kitten. I met a little tortoise shell bursting with personality. She kept purring and licking my ear and she didn’t want to be set down, ever. She was so affectionate I had no choice. However, I also had seen an adorable purring tabby, one month her senior. I had originally planned to adopt her before I met the tortie. The idea that I would go home with only one of them was unacceptable. In fact, I had the urge to adopt all the dogs and cats in the entire place. You have so many beautiful and loving creatures at the Pasadena Humane Society.

I face-timed my husband who said it was okay to adopt them both, but he warned me “no more than 2!” so I stopped there. We named the Tortie Chloe and the tabby Elsa. Thanks to the PHS we were given some free food, discounts, vet visits and more. We spent the day buying collars with name tags, special kitten food and a ton of toys.

We love them sooooo much! Thank you!!!