Calico Charmer

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Ellie is living the dream. As the only “child” in Gavin and Cindy Parberry’s home, the three-year-old calico isEllie1 Happy Adoption Story the center of their world. But Ellie’s life was not always so carefree.

In July 2014, our animal control officers received a call about a distressed cat in Pasadena. They found a calico cat in the midst of labor when they arrived on scene. Miraculously, all six of Ellie’s newborn kittens survived the journey back to PHS.

The calico proved herself to be a doting mother, and soon the young family was sent to a PHS foster home. Over the next two months, Ellie raised six healthy, beautiful kittens, four boys and two girls. The kittens were quickly adopted into new homes, while Ellie waited for her purrfect family.

The Parberrys visited PHS looking to adopt a loving cat. They came across Ellie and knew right away that this was the cat for them.

Ellie fit into the Parberry household immediately. “We can’t imagine our lives without her. [We] brought Ellie home after being married three months. She helped us feel like a family,” says Cindy Parberry.

The sweet and loving Calico now responds to her name, greets her parents at the door when they come home from work and loves to play with toys. Her favorite trick is to wake her dad up in the middle of the night to let him know she wants a snack.

“Ellie is perfect for us!” concludes Cindy Parberry. “We love her so much.”