Brotherly Love

Categories: Adoption Stories

Pg.5_Happy TailsWhen Deborah Takahashi adopted Sherlock in the summer of 2014 she didn’t quite know what was in store. The three pound, black and white bundle of energy was the most curious and intelligent cat she had ever met. To keep Sherlock engaged the Pasadena librarian tapped into her creative side. She decided to leash train Sherlock and soon he was going for walks and riding in the car to visit local pet stores.

After some thought, Deborah decided Sherlock might like a sibling close in age. She and her boyfriend adopted Simba, a two-year-old Siamese mix, on Free Adoption Day this past summer. In many ways, Simba is Sherlock’s opposite. He has a mellow, laid back attitude and can often be found snoozing on the sofa.

Despite personality differences, the boys are best of friends. The moment Simba arrived, Sherlock was ready to play. Even while Simba adjusted to his new home in separate room, Sherlock would sit with his paw under the door reaching out for his brother.

The two boys love to rough-house. “Sherlock is a handful that only Simba can manage. We really enjoy that the WKWE (World Kitty Wrestling Entertainment) takes place nightly in our apartment because after every fight, these brothers end up grooming each other before going their separate ways,” says Deborah.

Sherlock and Simba have made wonderful additions to the Takahashi household.