Boxer Love

Categories: Adoption Stories

My husband has always loved boxers. I was always more of an old English sheepdog girl, having had them in my family since I was little; but given the warmer climate in LA, it didn’t make sense to find a sheepdog pup. Three years ago, having met my husband-to-be, I quickly fell in love with not only him, but his adorable senior boxer Dizzy and beagle Lucy. When it was time to let them go after long and happy lives, we were distraught and saddened, but hopeful that we could channel our love for dogs into rescue pups. After a short but helpful mourning period, I spent my work breaks surfing your dog adoption website. I was so addicted that I would refresh the browser any chance I could! All the rescues looked lovable, but I knew that one day I’d find us the boxer baby we could bring home.

boxerloveSure enough, one morning last summer not one but TWO adorable boxers popped up on your website! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I immediately called and, sure enough, I was the first to inquire as they had just come in together. I gave them my name, shut down my laptop– telling my dog-loving boss that I just had to run and see these babies!– and drove over (probably over the speed limit, lol) to see them. I could tell they just wanted to rest, having been found running together, and so I said hello and promised them I would be back with my husband and hopefully bring them home.

Our meet and greet went great! While Bluto– the male, named after the strongman in the Popeye cartoon– was mellower, Olive– of course, Popeye’s girl– was definitely more distracted. But once your amazing staff brought them out together to see us–well, it was boxer playtime! They were so incredibly happy to be reunited, it was so touching and funny. We knew we couldn’t separate them and had to bring them home as a pair.

Bluto and Olive are the most loveable, goofy, playful, stubborn, inquisitive and happy rescue boxers ever. They absolutely love to sit on us and fall asleep while we read or watch a movie, and they are sun worshipers whenever they get the chance. Your staff at the Humane Society store are always welcoming and helpful when I pop in for their food and treats. We even boarded them there at the holidays! Thank you for bringing Bluto and Olive into our lives. They’ve made us so happy, and we like to think we’ve done the same for them.