Bella reunited with her Mom

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I brought Bella home when she was 8 weeks old. I saw that she needed a home while looking on Craig’s list, for something else. The family I ended up getting her from were also the owners of Bella’s dad, who I met. He is a beautiful American bull dog. I stayed connected with them on Instagram so that they could see pictures of Bella as she grew. I was also able to see pictures that they posted of her dad and her siblings. As time went on I saw pictures of her mom, which was wonderful. So as time went on and pictures were being posted on Instagram, I see a post that Bella’s mom, Penny, was in a shelter. I was devastated. Not knowing the owners personally, I messaged them to see why she was there. Apparently she got loose and was brought in to the shelter. Then I find out there was hardship on the family so they were not able to take her anymore.

Hearing this, I was really upset, this was Bella’s mom. I tried for a week contacting family, friends and over 30 rescues in hopes that someone could help. I really didn’t want her to be put down, so I called Pasadena Humane Society and asked them if she was still available. They were very helpful.

I arrive and fill out the paper work and meet with the counselor. I waited till they brought her in. The moment I saw her I couldn’t hold back the tears. I can’t imagine what she was feeling or what she went through. I have only seen her in pictures on Instagram and now I am able to see her in person and hold her.

I took her home to finally see her daughter Bella. Even though it’s been a year, they seemed to remember each other.
Our family couldn’t be any happier. She is so sweet and her daughter Bella absolutely loves being reunited with her mom.??

Ps. Penny is the Blue Nose pit mix
Bella is her daughter the black and white American bull pit mix