Beautiful Bonnie–2 years later

Categories: Adoption Stories
2015-08-23 Bonnie with cousin Clyde
Two years ago, on the suggestion of your adoption counselor, Ute we adopted an American Staffordshire Terrier named Bonnie from the PHS.


She’s a reminder that adopting an adult dog — a pit bull no less — can be a wondrous, rewarding experience. Bonnie was around 8 when we adopted her and she had been in the pound for more than a month. Needless to say, she was a little shell shocked from the experience and when we first got her, she was very shy and timid. But over time, she grew ever more cuddly and playful and outgoing. She’s still a low-key, shy dog, but she is now much more chilled out and will always get happily excited about going on a walk, or getting a treat, or playing ball, or chasing a cat (especially chasing a cat).


For people who are looking into adoption, an adult dog can be a wonderful option. Not only was Bonnie trained when we got her, saving us the drama of house breaking. She has been full of so much love and gratitude. And she’s a reminder that pit bulls are dogs like any other: funny, playful, loving, sweet. She is incredibly well behaved. And she makes happy moaning/dog-purring sounds when we cuddle her. Honestly, my husband and I can’t imagine life without her.


These days, her schedule consists of taking naps and cuddling and going to the park. Her favorite activity is to sit around sunbathing in the morning sun.


Thank you again for convincing us that an adult pit was the right dog for us. Bonnie certainly was.