Basket Bike Rides and Daily Beach Walks

Categories: Adoption Stories

We just want to share our sorry of little Louie.

She’s the cutest little scruffer ever. Her Racoon eyeliner, black and grey hair and floppy ears melts all who come across her.

A true diamond in the rough.

When I first met Lu she was just hours into her brief stay at Pasadena Humane Society. I was told she was found the night before alone in the streets. Very timid at first. Any load car or truck noise and she would cower. But after a few months she settled, blossomed actually. Our daily beach walks and occasional basket bike rides opened her up to her new and wonderfully beautiful surroundings of Santa Barbara. She loves running around on the beach, meeting new friends, she brings the party with her zoomer runs.

We are very fortunate to all at Pasadena Humane Society for your hard and passionate work. You are bringing completeness to not only little buddies like Lu but also to our household.