Amazing Ethan

Categories: Adoption Stories

We were excited when longtime shelter resident Ethan found a new home. We were even more thrilled when adopter Katrina let us know how he’s doing, fitting right in and helping with her anxiety:

Untitled designI adopted Ethan in November after a month long hospital stay after an emergency surgery to remove my colon. This left me in a hard place emotionally and with a lot of anxiety. One day on a whim, I decided to visit the humane society to just look at the animals, not expecting anything. I see a few dogs that look nice and decide to fill out an application, just to see if there were any dogs that needed a home for me to give.

After giving them my information and what I was looking for, they immediately thought of Ethan. I met him and fell in love instantly. He was so friendly and playful and loving, I knew I had to take him home.

It’s been six months and my love for Ethan has only grown. Hes such a goofball and everyone who meets him loves him. He gets so happy that his tail is a whip. Even now we’re learning so much about him! We got a kiddy pool for the summer months coming up and he loves it. He loves chasing the hose, hes great at fetch, and his favorite past-time is sitting outside in the sun. Hes a great pillow too.

And above all else Ethan did the amazing task of reducing my anxiety to almost nothing. I can’t imagine my life without him and although I’m sad he was at the shelter for three months, I’m so glad I got to take him home with me.

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